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Head Carpenter

Prairie Theatre Exchange (PTE)
App Deadline: 28 / 06 / 2017

Workshop Coordinator

C2 Centre for Craft
App Deadline: 30 / 06 / 2017

This artist living with Down syndrome co-created a new King Arthur play, and here's why that rules

For the next few nights at Luminato, there's an epic fog-filled version of King Arthur's Night on stage at Toronto's Berkeley Street Theatre. But what makes this production different from other King Arthur plays?

For one, it was co-created by Marcus Youssef, James Long and Niall McNeil alongside songstress Vida Helle. McNeil has Down syndrome, and he and co-writer Youssef found a way to work that highlights McNeil's creative mind and vision — and brings to life his own unique version of the play.

The cast is just as mixed: McNeil, who plays King Arthur, and Youssef, who plays Merlin, act alongside some actors who have Down syndrome and others who don't. McNeil and Youssef are rightly proud of the integrated team they've built, and the incorporation of everybody's particular talents and perspectives makes for a King Arthur's Night we've never seen before.

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